Taj Mahal, Agra – India


Agra a synonym for Taj….!
Taj ……. Eternal symbol of love !

We went there with our family friends on Republic Day, last year. Although I had visited Taj many times, this time I wanted to show it to my kids for the first time. They were very excited. We started at 9 am from Delhi. The Noida express way we took was fast and comfortable. We zipped through the way, stopped for sometime to freshen up, reached Agra by lunch time.
This time we stayed at ‘The Gateway’ hotel in the vicinity of Taj. Well , it was because my husband and his friend insisted to stay in a hotel having view of Taj from the room itself.

Kids as you know, always get excited outside their own house. But that was a good way to register Taj in their memory forever. They were able to spot Taj from our hotel room window.

Location of Taj is such that it stands out from far.

Next day morning, I woke up to a surprise. My husband was awake to see Taj before sunrise and it was amazing as we silently stared at first rays of sun embracing Taj. Although, the best time to view Taj is on a full moon night when the moonlight strikes Taj,it gives a spectacular view. However, this view was no less.

We had delicious breakfast and started for our destination. There was a big queue to enter the historical monument. I held kids tight because of huge rush at the entrance.

It was time to hire a guide to be able to better appreciate Taj. He told lots of facts about Taj . We were observing and admiring the wonder’s spotless beauty. All kids were running around and enjoying.

Interesting facts about Taj Mahal:-

  1. Meaning of Taj Mahal- Crown of Palaces
  2. Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan, a Mughal Emperor in 1653 ( 16 parks and 53 fountains symbolize the same) in remembrance of his beautiful wife, Mumtaj Mahal
  3. The foundation of Taj has large wells on Yamuna river bed
  4. White translucent marble was brought from Makrana, Rajasthan- India
  5. Over 1000 elephants were used to transport building material
  6. 28 types of precious and various semi precious stones were brought from India, Tibet, China, Afghanistan, Srilanka and Arabia which shine during the full moon night adding to its beauty
  7. It took approx 12 years to complete ( equal to number of domes on outer gate)
  8. The main gate is called ‘Darwaze-i-rauza’
  9. Four minarets are not exactly straight but little bit tilted outside so that they do not fall on the monument in case of any calamity
  10. Beauty of Taj lies in its symmetry
  11. UNESCO declared Taj Mahal as a woworld heritage site in 1983

At the back side of Taj, river Yamuna was flowing seamlessly. Beautiful it was! It made me think of  Shahjahan, the emperor – how much he loved his wife that he built one of wonders of the world in her remembrance. Amazing , no!

I then wanted to sit for a while and feel the timeless beauty of Taj.  I would recommend this place to all.

Nidhi, 19-2-2014